Unbreakable Bond
Despite their vastly different backgrounds, two siblings are able to support one another in a way no one else can.
myLIFEspeaks is an organization that believes in the worth of every human being, regardless of their background or physical abilities. The organization draws inspiration from the story of Lane Wilson, the son of Mike and Missy Wilson, who were the co-founders of myLIFEspeaks. Lane was born extremely prematurely at just 23 weeks gestation, and he was also very sick. He was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy and suffered a stroke before birth, which caused him to go blind.

Doctors didn't think that he would survive, but Lane's story took a different turn, and he has become an inspiration to many. Despite his physical challenges, Lane has a unique perspective on life and finds beauty in small things. He has a love for music and family, and he brings joy to everyone around him. Mike and Missy believe that Lane's life is a testament to the dignity and value of every human being, and they aim to empower and celebrate people of all abilities.
During a short-term mission trip to Haiti in the early 2000s Mike and Missy were quick to notice the mistreatment of people with special needs in the country. In Haiti, the VouDou culture is prevalent, which results in people with disabilities being considered cursed or possessed. As a result, they are often abandoned, neglected, or left to fend for themselves. In some cases, they are even offered as a human sacrifice at VouDou ceremonies.

The Wilsons were deeply troubled by this horrific practice and wanted to make a difference. They decided to dedicate their time and resources to supporting individuals with special needs and helping them to live fulfilling lives with dignity and respect. To this day there are still VouDou ceremonies prevalent in Haiti.
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Everything we do is to find peoples worth, let's show them their worth.
— Mike Wilson
Mike and Missy were deeply affected by their son Lane's life and realized the immense value and purpose it held. This motivated them to take action and speak out for those who could not do so themselves. They were called to create a safe and inclusive Christian community that recognized and celebrated the inherent worth of all individuals, regardless of their background or abilities.

In January 2012, they established myLIFEspeaks, a Christian ministry that aimed to support children with special needs in the village of Neply, Haiti. To fully dedicate themselves to this cause, the Wilsons made the difficult decision to sell their home in Nashville and move to Haiti with their three young boys. They believed that God had called them to lead by example and demonstrate what it means to live as a Christian family within the Haitian community.
Recognizing the importance of providing every child with a loving and permanent home, myLIFEspeaks established a foster care system in Haiti that closely resembles the one found in the United States. Given the limited infrastructure and resources for child services in the country, myLIFEspeaks saw the need to create a family-based system that would prevent orphans and abandoned children from being left behind.

To achieve this, myLIFEspeaks established "forever family" homes within the local community. These homes operate just like any other Haitian family, with both biological and adopted children living under the same roof with Haitian parents. However, myLIFEspeaks provides support in various ways, to ensure that these families can thrive and provide a safe and loving home for their children.
Due to the unfortunate reality that many hospitals and healthcare providers in Haiti refuse to treat people with special needs, myLIFEspeaks took matters into their own hands. They established their own medical clinic and rehabilitation/occupational therapy center to serve the needs of the local and neighboring communities.

The LIFE Clinic has become a vital resource for many individuals, seeing over 5,000 patients annually for various ailments and medical needs. It has also expanded in 2021 to include a full diagnostic laboratory, further improving the quality of care that patients can receive.
Sadly, many schools in Haiti do not provide education to children with special needs, and those that do often have limited resources and are far from the child's home. In response to this, myLIFEspeaks established the LIFE Academy, a school that provides inclusive education to children of all abilities in one location.

What began as a way to empower individuals with special needs has evolved into a means of empowering the entire Haitian community in Christ. The students at LIFE Academy come from diverse backgrounds and have unique stories, but together they form a larger narrative in the world. By providing an inclusive education to all children, myLIFEspeaks is promoting a more equitable and just society in Haiti, one where every child has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive.
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Despite the challenges that come with providing healthcare in Haiti, myLIFEspeaks remains committed to their mission of serving those in need and improving access to essential medical services.
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